Listen: Folk Music In Haiti

Released in 1961 on Folkways Records, Music of Haiti: Vol. 1, Folk Music of Haiti is an exquisite collection of Haitian folk music field recordings from the mountain villages of Haiti, curated by folklorist, ethnographer and ethnomusicologist Harold Courlander,

Released with detailed liner notes by Courlander, the collection features Rara carnival songs, meringue, and various rhythmic dance songs to accompany work or dance and invocations of the lwa-yo (spirits). About Haitian music at the time of this collection’s release, Courlander writes:

“Outside Haiti, Haitian music is largely unknown. It touches every phase and detail of Haitian life. Probably the cult music has received more attention than any other…The drumming, singing, and dancing of the culture…are a meaningful way of life.”

Below, listen to the collection of folk music of Haiti.